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Just Phonics, a book of Just Phonics .

Features like Goal and Amazing Facts

Goal highlights the main concepts of the lesson giving it a definite direction. ï Amazing Fact shares curious snippets of information

Features like Value Point and Our Heritage

Value Point is an effort to instil life skills. Our heritage is an effort the guide to pupils about our heritage.

Features like Projects and Life Skills.

Projects in each chapter to promote activity-based learning. Life Skills in each chapter help students make decision, solve problems, think critically and creatively.

Quantitative Reasoning, a book of Quantitative Reasoning .

Content according to the learner's IQ level

The contents are intelligently graded, so that the learner is saved from any abrupt face offs and moves on to the higher learning with perfect familiarity with building blocks of the opening topic.

Lucid Language of Explanation.

The language of explanation is optimally lucid and user friendly.

Self expalnatory examples

Many examples are provided in view to make everything self explanatory to tender - age learners. Teachers will undoubtedly appreciate our efforts in this direction.

Verbal Reasoning, a book of Verbal Reasoning .

Short Introductions at the beginning of each chapter

Each chapter begins with a short introduction so that both students and teachers could know at a glance the focus and general content of the chapter.

Varied exercises on vocabulary, comprehension based on the chapter.

Varied exercises on vocabulary, comprehension based on the chapter, listening, speaking and writing have been presented at the end of every chapter.

Project Work and Problem Solving Aptitude

Project Work and Problem Solving Aptitude have been introduced in order to familiarize the students develop logical and coherent ideas.